Snorers Suffer From More Broken Relationships

Most couples can’t get enough of each other at the onset of their relationship. They always try to win the affection of their partner and mostly show only their good sides. But over time, they get to know the other person for who they really are. While many are willing to accept the good along with the bad, there are some who aren’t just open or mature enough to do that.

It is the reason why relationships end before they even blossom. Even married couples face such challenges that result in divorce. While technically not really a relationship issue, snoring has ended relationships as often as personal differences, fallouts, money issues and infidelity do. If the other person is a snorer, it is often impossible for your partner or spouse to enjoy a good night’s sleep. It can make them cranky throughout the day and not look forward to sleeping time.

“It was rough on our marriage, for sure,” says Ryan Weathers, owner of, who purchased the ZQuiet mouthpiece when the troubles persisted. “I never thought a mouthpiece would help, but I credit it with saving my marriage.”

A huge number of British couples sleep in separate beds – even if they’re madly in love.

Why? Because of irritating night time habits. There are a number of reasons why men vacate to the sofa, or women pop into the spare room.

Around 38 per cent of those in relationships sleep apart, according to bedroom company Tweak Mattress, which asked 2,000 British adults to find out about sleep patterns.

It’s not just snoring causing people sleep separately. There’s a multitude of reasons. Although snoring was the main culprit.


Although not an ideal set-up, many couples actually sleep apart and are especially true among couples where one is a loud snorer. However, is it really saving your relationships or hurting it more? And what about your health? Why do we focus on the relationship more and ignore how our health suffers.

But snoring is not funny. It ruins relationships, destroys careers and, in its most extreme form, it can kill; which is why Dilkes, consultant ENT surgeon at London’s Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, wants us to wake up and smell the coffee.

Snoring is an epidemic with real public health consequences. Left untreated it can develop into sleep apnoea, which causes blood oxygen levels to plummet and is associated with impotence, loss of concentration, poor memory, diabetes, hypertension and, most worrying of all, heart attacks in the middle of the night. A not-so-silent killer.

Around 40 percent of men over 30 snore, of which two percent have sleep apnoea. Almost two thirds of men over 65 snore, with ten percent suffering sleep apnoea. Not that it is exclusively a male problem, as a fifth of women snore too, and the figures are likely to be much higher as social stigma drives snorers underground.


What you need to know is that snoring is manageable and there are different snoring treatments and managements you can choose from. You need not suffer or break off a relationship with your significant other because the snoring makes sleeping at night almost impossible.

Given the multiple causes of snoring, there are numerous potential treatments available that work on some but not others.

Recommended lifestyle changes include:

  • avoiding alcohol before bed (minimises airway floppiness)

  • losing excess weight (reduces airway compression)

  • stopping smoking (reduces airway irritation and fluid accumulation)

  • avoiding sleep deprivation (minimises airway floppiness)

There are several medical treatments for snoring that require professional advice. If you snore regularly, it is highly recommended you see a sleep and respiratory doctor for diagnosis and to determine the right treatment for you.


If you really love your partner, why not help him/ her beat sleep apnea and the characteristic snoring while sleeping trait rather than ending the relationship. Snoring is a deadly condition and should never be taken lightly as many snorers haven’t woken up from their deep slumber. If you can’t accept this minor flaw of your partner, then it means your love isn’t strong enough and is but a valid excuse to end it once and for all.

While CPAP and surgery are the ultimate management for sleep apnea, the use of anti-snoring devices can help curb snoring and allow you to sleep soundly at night. A popular choice is an anti-snoring mouthpiece. It is not only convenient to use but very helpful in treating sleep apnea. With snoring already out of the way, you have no reason at all to worry about spending quality time with your partner at night or cause unnecessary rifts in the relationship.

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