The Woes Of PC Repairs

Computers make our lives easier and at the same time more difficult too. We love the ease and convenience these tech gadgets give us especially now that the world has become more closely inter-connected through the web. However, all hell breaks lose once your computer starts to act up and you don’t know what to do about it. Repairs cost money and it is not always cheap to get your device fixed. For individuals who do not have prior knowledge regarding computers, it is even more stressful and confusing because you do not know where to start.

There is even the possibility of you getting ripped off of your hard-earned money by scammers while you are still stuck with a broken computer that does not work. Sometimes in our rush to get things fixed right away, we make more mistakes that aren’t just costly but may even be the reason why PC repair no longer becomes an option for you as it can’t be salvaged anymore.

Troubleshooting computers is sometimes a difficult task.

“It doesn’t work…” isn’t the best description to allow a technician to fix the problem.

“It doesn’t boot…” indicates that the computer won’t start. This could mean that nothing happens when you push the power button. It could also be caused by a corrupted operating system. The computer isn’t able to read the hard drive. The computer “lights up” but it never gives you a login prompt.

Once the computer displays a normal desktop, the computer has done a lot of work. It has verified the hardware and loaded the operating system. At this point, the user may be considering getting online. If you are able to start the browser — Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome — the next task is to attempt to connect to a website. A failure in the browser indicates that there is no network connection available.

Many times the Internet Service Provider (ISP) reconfigures its network. You need to reboot the modem device. Unplug the router or turn it off for a few seconds. When the modem powers up again, it should load the proper configuration. Ask your ISP for the proper LED display when the modem is functioning normally. There is no need to unplug all the wiring if everything worked properly and none of the wiring has been modified.


When it comes to computer repairs, you would really require the technical assistance of a computer expert or a technician to ensure all your data stays safe as they try to fix the problem with your computer. The complex codes and various interconnected (and often sensitive) parts inside your PC make it doubly more challenging to get these devices working once more. And as such, their highly-skilled services come at a price we are not always ready to pay for.

Even as machines and devices have become less mechanical and more electronic, we have found that customers still expect to be able to repair and continue using electronic products they purchase. When manufacturers support that expectation, by offering repair manuals, spare parts and other guidance on how to fix their products, they build customer loyalty.

Specifically, we found that customers are more likely to buy additional products from that manufacturer, and are more likely to recommend that manufacturer’s product to friends. The math here is simple: More customers using a company’s products, whether brand-new or still kicking after many years, equals more money for the business.

Our research also shows that the failure of most electronic devices is due to simple accidents such as dropping a device or spilling water on it. The most common problem is a broken screen. There are other issues, too – such as batteries that no longer hold their charges or circuit boards that just stop working.


Not all consumers want the experts to fix or maintain their gadgets especially if money is tight. Some of them would love to do all the work if they can find step-by-step manuals or tutorials on how things should be done and not have to pay for somebody else to simply change some damaged parts on their gadgets or other mundane things related to your device. Aside from helping computer users and owners save money and get their devices fixed and looking and working brand new once more, we also cut down on e-waste and save the environment in the process without compromising the comfort and convenience offered by your average working computer.

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  1. I want to make sure that my computer gets fixed properly. I didn’t know that doing it myself could be such a pain! Maybe it would be a good idea for me to get a professional to help me out with it.

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