Juice Your Way To Wellness

Even though our elders say it over and over again that health is wealth, we don’t really recognize its value until we find ourselves lying on the hospital bed and getting treated for a potentially life-threatening condition. Only then do we understand our own sense of mortality and realize that life in this world is indeed fleeting. It’s no wonder why many people are now into healthy living. In a world dominated by fast food and sweet and preserved foods, eating healthy and organic is not only challenging but expensive too.

It all begins with what you eat. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you must make a conscious effort of choosing fruits and veggies over food staples these days that’s often made of preservatives and lots of greases. Another way to boost your health is to drink veggie or fruit juices or its combo. You can mix and match fruits and vegetables that blend together and drink them daily to become fit and healthy.

Marion, 42, of Wallasey, Merseyside underwent six months of intensive chemotherapy but scans after the gruelling treatment revealed that the cancer had spread to her liver.

Determined not to undergo more chemotherapy – as it had left her virtually bed-ridden and unable to enjoy time with her kids – Marion started to research alternative treatments.

After looking into the benefits of cold press juicing and going vegan, Marion has rejected more chemo – against the advice of her oncologist – and instead overhauled her diet.

Now six months after drastically changing her lifestyle to include oxygen treatment and daily vitamins, one of Marion‘s tumours has shrunk while others are stable – and the mum is doing so ‘remarkably’ she claims nobody believes she has cancer.

(Via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4506760/Single-mother-cancer-stops-chemo-vegan-juicing.html)

While you miss out on the fiber you usually get when you eat fruits and veggies as they are, you get to squeeze out every last bit of important nutrients from them that you don’t get when you eat them either fresh or cooked. A combination of 2 veggies and 3-4 fruits can make a great juice but others can actually come up with a concoction that has far fewer ingredients.

The most important tool you need, though, is the juicer. You can opt for the cheap kind or buy a more expensive juicer, it all depends on you. Basically, a juicer leaves the pulp behind after extracting all the juice from the fruit or vegetable, unlike the blender where you put everything in and all parts are blended together.

“I became super specialized in that area,” said Crysler. “I learned what needed to go into these health products and looking at their safety, efficacy and how you mix certain things together.

“It’s about putting things together so you get the maximum benefit.”

It also put her in touch with the latest trends in natural health when she visited places like California and Vancouver — like juicing.

 “I’ve juiced for years and did detoxes and studied Chinese medicine and a lot of natural modalities,” said Crysler. “It kind of resonated with me about taking something full of nutrients that goes instantly into your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

“It doesn’t replace eating fruits or vegetables, but it’s a boost, like taking a supplement.”

(Via: https://www.waterloochronicle.ca/news-story/7271708-moonshine-juicery-opens-its-doors-to-the-benefits-of-juicing-to-natural-health-enthusiasts/)

Even the experts agree that while juicing can’t replace the benefits of eating, drinking these healthy fruit & veggie juice blends act like a health boost – similar to what supplements do to our bodies. Juicing isn’t as daunting as what others want you to believe. Instead of drinking flavored smoothies or blended juices that are rich in sugar, natural juices like these are low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals our body needs.

While it is generally advised to drink your juice the same day you make it, it is possible to store it in jars with lids and put inside the fridge to make it last several more days. They would come in handy during those days when you are running late but don’t want to resort to the quick caffeine fix you get from coffee or drink a fruit juice or sweetened milk straight from the carton. Juicing has a lot of health benefits and may differ as well depending on the ingredients you used. Let your digestive system rest for a while from all the junks you’ve been eating and detox with a refreshing and healthy juice you made from scratch.

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