Humans Hurt The Environment The Most

Humans have lived on the planet for six million years but modern human have only been around for about 200,000 years. The technological advancements we now enjoy were only developed in the 1800s during the industrial revolution yet we have done so much in that short span of time. We can’t always say that these changes did us more good than bad. Although things generally became more convenient for us, it has badly hurt the environment in return. With more or less 7 billion people populating the world right now, you can just imagine the damage every single one inflicts on the planet whether in the form of pollution, trash, and the unending need for resources in order to live.

Cities are full of high rise buildings, industries and vehicles that are almost always bumper to bumper and often emit black smoke that poses various health risks to humans and an environmental hazard as well. We only have one planet to live in but many of the things we do end up hurting the environment even more yet we still continue doing them without regards to the destruction we inflict. We don’t have anyone to blame for the havocs …

Is There Still Hope For Most Endangered Species?

Nature is both beautiful and mysterious. Man can’t help but wonder how nature managed to fill the planet and grow on its own and flourish without man’s help. They have provided shelter to a diverse list of wildlife that most of us haven’t seen face-to-face in our lifetime. And I guess, it is actually better that way. Many animals on the planet deserve to live on their own in their natural habitats rather than be transported to most zoos and circus for man’s entertainment and suffer a long, miserable, and lonely life in a steel cage.

With man’s intervention, we have managed to wipe out many animal species all by ourselves. From the threats of poaching, hunting, increasing urbanization, environmental degradation and climate change, how can these poor animals fend for themselves when the natural habitats they call home are no longer livable and that the planet has been increasingly becoming more difficult to live in?

The saiga antelope makes a strange pin-up for the conservation world. With its odd bulbous nose and spindly legs, it is an unlovely looking creature – particularly when compared with wildlife favourites such as the polar bear or panda.

But the survival of Saiga