The Banning Of Extremist Content

We have witnessed our fair share of radical events in our lifetime. We’d like to think that violence of global scale has no room in our present modern world anymore and they’re all but a part of our horrific past but we are badly mistaken. In different parts of the globe, wars and senseless violence define a population’s way of life. Even in highly progressive nations like America and Europe, religious extremism has already invaded them and the casualties list just keeps on growing as we can never really tell when and where the next attack will happen. Even on the web, we can see various posts that pertain to extremism. After all, we have heard from somewhere that these extremist militants recruit new members online and that is how they communicate with one another wherever in the world they may be.

Indeed, the world remains to be a scary place despite all the tech advancements we are now enjoying. Initiatives to curb the access of these extremists to the web so they can no longer get in touch with people and share their radical views on life and just everything else on the planet. Social media and the Internet …

Does Religion Affect Relationships?

There is a saying that goes, “No man is an island”. And it is true in every sense of the word. We live in a social world. We have a relationship with everyone in our family, school/ work, community, and to the world at large. At times we are in harmony but conflicts may also arise. While personal differences are often the reason we may have relationship issues with someone, it may also be about religion or religious beliefs.

Religion has sparked countless wars over the centuries. And until today, religion still manages to disturb the world order even though most faith teaches to respect one another. Not surprising as well, many terrorists fight for their religion – as many of them are die-hard Muslims. It is also the reason for the U.S. travel ban since President Trump not only dislikes most Muslims but thinks they’re terrorists as well. And as such, it has fueled an ongoing yet often unspoken debate about one’s religion. So, has religious extremism blinded people and affected relationships for good?

The post 9/11 scenario changed the course of history causing disastrous consequences and now the leaders must come out with an alternative strategy to