The Irony Of Religion

Many people have entrusted their whole lives and that of their loved ones to the religion they have professed their faith into. Soon after birth, a child’s baptismal commits them to an organized religion throughout their lifetime unless they decide to change religion somewhere along the way. It can either be because they have been disillusioned by the teachings of their current religion and how it affects their lives or the found something else that embodies what they truly value in life.

The truth is – we define religion. The people who founded these religious organizations determined the dos and don’ts and everything else they observe and follow. There often has to be an enemy, an evil force detested by the sect. The comfort of knowing there is someone superior and divine up there that looks down on all of us and guide us in everything we do likewise comforts us and eases all our worries away. For a country as progressive as the US, can religion still save the millions of Americans who may or may not profess a religion themselves or are we just deluding ourselves of a divine saving grace?

We human primates live and die for