Landscaping Opportunities For Those Born With A Green Thumb

Not everyone is gifted with a green thumb. Some have tried effortlessly in planting a single plant or flower but to no avail. They most likely wither before it even grows an inch from the ground. But with the rapid urbanization and the construction of numerous skyscrapers here and there, there is little space left for landscaping or gardening. Then, there is pollution makes it harder for us to stay healthy as we are exposed to all sorts of it in our daily lives. Hence developers and builders now try to incorporate green spaces in tiny pockets of land in various parts of the city to make it greener and more livable aside from possibly reducing our carbon footprint.

It is why landscaping jobs are increasing and companies need more people to fill in jobs that require actual work on plants and green spaces to maintain a clean and lush look all year round. Aside from prior knowledge and skills on landscaping, a passion for plants and in beautifying spaces is also a must or else you’d find the job too exhausting and laborious aside from taking up too much of your time. It is the reason why only a few take up the challenge of doing something like this for a living because it can be really hard work at times.

Jobs are plentiful on Hilton Head Island, the problem is finding people to fill them.

For businesses like The Greenery, costs are growing like the weeds they cut down every day.

The landscaping company employs 650 people, and covers hundreds of acres in Savannah, Bluffton and Hilton Head.

But as the work has gotten bigger for the Greenery, their workforce is getting smaller.

“We used to have when you got into work 2-3 guys waiting outside looking for a job. explains Lee Edwards. “The next day if you didnt have one they would be out there again. Those days are long gone.”


It is not a glamorous job but it pays the bills and feeds the family too. It is also clean money and a decent job any average Joe can be proud of. If you are someone who doesn’t mind doing the dirty work and likes making the planet a greener and more beautiful place to live in, then a landscaping job is right for you. And you should not feel threatened of any work stability issues as there will always be a demand for professional landscaping services in various parts of the country.

  1. Diversify Your Offerings

Just because there’s a time that’s slower for your industry doesn’t mean it needs to be a slow time for you. Think about how you can expand your business to increase the scope of what you do and generate income during those sluggish months.

If you own a landscaping business, consider offering snow plowing services during the winter. Your expansion should be something logical that’s easy to manage with your existing resources and is a good or service that your current customer base will want to take advantage of; you don’t want to expand in a way that diverts your efforts and resources from your original business idea.


Perhaps the issue with landscaping is that work may be limited because of the changing of the seasons. But don’t let that dampen your spirits as there are plenty of ways you can make up for lost revenue by diversifying the services you offer such as tree clearing during autumn and even dabble into snow plowing during winter. With the help of technology and the Internet, you can learn new ideas on what can possibly work for your landscaping business in your area because for sure somebody else has already tried it too. You not only make money by landscaping other people’s lawns but you likewise make a positive change in this world that is badly needed at a time right now when climate change is at work and wreaking havoc on everyone’s lives.

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