Common Constraints To Volunteerism

The world isn’t always a nice place to live in but we can’t deny it is the only habitable planet in the universe where mankind can basically survive. Simply living isn’t an easy task anymore because many actually can’t afford a place of their own and essentially live in the street and rely on the generosity of others to sustain their needs. It’s the harsh reality of life but millions are living as homeless in various parts of the globe and it keeps on growing as the requirements for daily living isn’t that easy anymore.

While those living in poverty continue to grow, what can the rest of the world do to uplift their lives and brighten up their days even just once? The answer lies with volunteerism. People who are generous with their time and money enjoy supporting and volunteering in civic groups and NGOs that directly work with the poor and the homeless and those who deserve to receive help from the affluent. Unfortunately, not all the time these people are always rich and they do lead normal lives, which means they also have jobs that need their time and attention.

More than half of people who do not volunteer say that work commitments are the main reason they have never helped a charity, according to data from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

Further information released this week from last month’s Community Life Survey 2016/17 reveals that 52 per cent of people who had never formally volunteered said work commitments prevented them from doing so.

The Community Life Survey is an annual survey of adults aged 16 or over about their levels of community cohesion and engagement.

This year’s survey found that the proportion of people who said they volunteered fell over the past three years.


The number of people that volunteer in good causes has dropped because aside from work and family obligations, they have multiple preoccupations now that mostly involve technology. A lot of adults and teens spend a great deal of their time daily surfing their news feed and updating their social media accounts that they have little time left to spare for other causes like volunteerism and charity.

Ronald Lovell heard about the number of people in Shasta County failing to answer their summons for jury duty.

Frustrated that this is so common, he decided to volunteer his service.

“Someone who’s committed a heinous crime walking free simply because people didn’t show up for jury duty, that’s not acceptable,” Lovell said. “You’re turning this person loose to do this again and you’re making a mockery of the justice system.”

He wanted people to think about if it were their family member that was targeted by the criminal that was then set free because of a dismissal. 

Lovell said jury duty is “the last real grip where we’re effective in what takes place in our government.”


More people even avoid doing common voluntary activities like jury duties. They come up with all sorts of excuses even if they were already summoned by the court. Now, what more on other voluntary civic causes that they aren’t exactly required to participate in? Most people would rather stay at home and surf the web to their heart’s content or hang out with their friends. Those who are already into volunteerism are continually trying to raise awareness on the impact of volunteer work to society especially in the lives of the less fortunate.

The government can’t always address all the issues happening around us 24/7. At times, we have to pitch in and do our part in making a positive difference to society and not just complain all the time about the state’s inefficiencies. You’d be surprised at how volunteering a few hours of your time can uplift a person’s life or even an entire community. That’s the power of extending a helping hand – random acts of kindness that perpetuate the goodness in humanity over and over again.

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