Highlighting The Safety Of Trick-Or-Treaters

It is that time of the year again when it is perfectly acceptable for people to wear out of this world outfits/costumes that mostly have a horror theme. Of course, it is Halloween. You can do as you wish. While adults have long since joined in on the fun of dressing up and partying, it is actually a celebration that kids looked forward to for the longest time. Each year, kids and their parents think of outrageous concepts for costumes and they wear it on that particular day when these youngsters flock to the street dressed up in all sorts of costume imaginable while holding their candy pails, knocking on homes and saying trick or treat. How adorable is that? It’s really an exciting time for these kids as they not only recreate a character they like but they also get lots and lots of candies that will last them for days or until they get a toothache.

Far from the craziness and joy brought about by Halloween, the kid’s safety is something that should never be compromised. Most are actually accompanied by their parents or guardians but the older school child often goes out on their own …

The Relevance Of Art In Today’s World

The arts gave new meaning to life. We may live in a concrete world where almost every physical thing we see is defined but the arts allowed us to express our inner creativity and raw talent through various artworks and art pieces. These masterpieces often ignite powerful emotions within the people who see these works of art aside from them being visually appealing to the eyes. While some use the arts as an escape from the daily grind, professional artists make a living from the making of these beautiful art pieces.

The art today is a luxury that the elite often indulge in. Artworks are expensive and the common folks can’t afford such luxuries in life. Many of us do not understand the real value of the arts and how it has helped mold the society that we now know of today. So, it no longer comes as a surprise that funding for the arts is among the first to go when the government needs to tighten its belt and manage its finance better.

One of the great paradoxes of human endeavour is why so much time and effort is spent on creating things and indulging in behaviour with no

Juice Your Way To Wellness

Even though our elders say it over and over again that health is wealth, we don’t really recognize its value until we find ourselves lying on the hospital bed and getting treated for a potentially life-threatening condition. Only then do we understand our own sense of mortality and realize that life in this world is indeed fleeting. It’s no wonder why many people are now into healthy living. In a world dominated by fast food and sweet and preserved foods, eating healthy and organic is not only challenging but expensive too.

It all begins with what you eat. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you must make a conscious effort of choosing fruits and veggies over food staples these days that’s often made of preservatives and lots of greases. Another way to boost your health is to drink veggie or fruit juices or its combo. You can mix and match fruits and vegetables that blend together and drink them daily to become fit and healthy.

Marion, 42, of Wallasey, Merseyside underwent six months of intensive chemotherapy but scans after the gruelling treatment revealed that the cancer had spread to her liver.

Determined not to undergo more chemotherapy

Humans Hurt The Environment The Most

Humans have lived on the planet for six million years but modern human have only been around for about 200,000 years. The technological advancements we now enjoy were only developed in the 1800s during the industrial revolution yet we have done so much in that short span of time. We can’t always say that these changes did us more good than bad. Although things generally became more convenient for us, it has badly hurt the environment in return. With more or less 7 billion people populating the world right now, you can just imagine the damage every single one inflicts on the planet whether in the form of pollution, trash, and the unending need for resources in order to live.

Cities are full of high rise buildings, industries and vehicles that are almost always bumper to bumper and often emit black smoke that poses various health risks to humans and an environmental hazard as well. We only have one planet to live in but many of the things we do end up hurting the environment even more yet we still continue doing them without regards to the destruction we inflict. We don’t have anyone to blame for the havocs …